Case Management in Family Matters

Divorce and related proceedings (spousal support, pension rights adjustment, net worth adjustment, household and personal effects, family home disposition, child custody and visitation rights).
If out-of-court settlement negotiations conducted on your behalf are unsuccessful or cannot be concluded for some reason, we will represent you at the trial and 1st appellate level in all family law proceedings as well as in any matters relating thereto. These can include the assertion of spousal and child support claims, as well as conflicts relating to the division of household and personal effects, disposition of the family home, as well as the determination and offset of pension rights between the parties.
We will also vigorously represent your interests in any remaining unresolved conflicts regarding child support and visitation rights for children born both in and out of wedlock.
We can also provide you with an expert legal opinion regarding your chances of success in any matter not handled by us. If you need such a “second opinion,” we will review your situation and render our judgment.